" This is a fantastic place.  Affordable, patient, and definitely displays a compassion and thoughtfulness for animals that puts them above the rest.  I have recommended this place to my friends and and have always been extremely pleased with the service provided as have all those I have recommended utilize their services.  
My dogs get a great cut, come home happy, and (even more exciting for me) come home tired.  I have used groomers in the past and been dissatisfied with the general level of cleanliness at the location and/or the comments made by the groomers about my pets and/or other animals.  I have never had these concerns here and do not think it is even in their nature to speak ill of the pets in their care."

-Jason S.

"I have been taking my terrier mix to Chad for 5 years. I have always had dogs that do not shed and require grooming and have used numerous groomers in my life. I can honestly Chad is hands down the best! My dog always looks and feels amazing after getting groomed by Chad. He is so good that we still go there even though we have moved to the other side of the city. He treats dog hair cuts like people hair cuts and really gives them style - he doesn't just absent-mindedly trim the hair like some groomers do. He grooms with purpose, which is why my dog always looks so great! Plus I love that he doesn't cage the dogs while they are waiting so they can relax and play. My dog gets stressed in cages so this is a huge plus. And the store is great too with lots of cool dog-related items. Absolutely fabulous local business!!!"

-Jean W

"Love D Spa! Chad and his team are awesome! I have been taking my dog Archie here for some time now and I can't say enough good things about this place. Archie is a 4 year old chow lab full of energy. Sometimes I know he is a lot to handle and they never make me feel bad for brining him in! We are moving to Texas and going to miss Archie's spa days at D Spa. Go here, you won't be disappointed!"

-Danielle K.

I've worked with D Spa for a little over a year now, and I have to say it's one of the best salons I've seen. They're cageless, so the dogs get to socialize with each other, and get comfortable during their time at the groomer. Chad does a great job at making it a pleasant experience, and is a proud member of the Roscoe 'Village community.

-Adriana V

"I've been taking my two year old Shi-Tzu/Bichon mix to D Spa for a year. Chad is very friendly and always does a great job. I always ask for a Teddy Bear cut, and that's what we get! I appreciate that he takes the time to find out exactly what I'm looking for in his groom. I tried more than 5 grooming salons before I finally found Chad at D Spa and I haven't been anywhere since. On top of it all, they have a great selection of toys, food, and treats."

-Codi W.