Scheduling an Appointment

Grooming at D Spa is generally by appointment. On occasion we are able to offer walk-ins, it's just best to call first. Pets are dropped off for their grooming between 9 am and 6 pm. We estimate your pick-up time when you drop off and almost always accommodate your schedule. You may pick up as late as 6 pm most days and we now offer evening appointments 5 days a week as well.

We never put your pet in a cage; all pets get to play while waiting for their grooming session to begin; never in cages or kennels. In fact, many people drop their pets off early to play first; this is always fine with us.

Note: Pets who prefer not to play are placed in the grooming room where they keep the groomers company. All pets are allowed to play before going in for their bath.


 If for some reason your unable to make a scheduled appointment, please cancel via phone or email 24 hours before your appointment time. This allows us to fill the appointment slot, otherwise the groomer will have a void in their schedule and not make commission. Besides having to cancel for an emergency inside the 24 hour period- a $25 cancellation / no call no show fee will apply.



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